SAVE THE DATEJune 28th - July 5th 2020
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with John P. Milton


Summer Program

Hosted by
Walter Bertolini & Din van Helden 
Way of Nature Austria
in Cooperation with Carpathia
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Autumn Program:
Aug 29th - Sept 5th 2020
Presence in the Wild
Carpathian Mountains/ Romania
limited spots available
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John P. Miltons NATURE RETREATs are powerful meditation retreats and awareness trainings, combined with a guided (AllOne) Solo-Time in nature. It was created by John P. Milton in order to incorporate his “Twelve Principles of Natural Liberation”. These combine the core teachings of the world’s liberating wisdom traditions. This will be another opportunity to experience John's NATURE QUEST in the wilderness of Europe.


In this challenging time, being rooted in the depth of your Self and connected to your inner compass is more important than ever. Mobilizing your own and other people's energy, as well as living a life based on purpose and meaning, is key to creating true change within yourself and in our society.


This Nature Quest takes you on a profound journey of self-development. It comprises of nine days of relaxation and reflection supported by contemplative practices from ancient traditions taught by John Milton. The Nature Quest includes teachings with a true master and a five day/ four night solo experience (All-one time) in wild nature, where you will be immersed in a beautiful wild and at the same time safe natural environment.


This powerful and potentially life-changing experience is for those who want to:

  • Reconnect with nature, your inner, the outer and 'True Nature'.

  • Ground themselves and become relaxed and present.

  • Deepen their sense of purpose.

  • Explore the deeper dimensions of inspiration in daily life.

  • Gain more clarity, experience spaciousness and access more creativity.

  • ... and so many more, which words cannot describe




"If you totally embrace Nature ...

your life will be full, enriched, 

and realised beyond measure."

                                                                                            John P. Milton

John P Milton & Way of Nature


“Leaders, particular in business, are finding that (John) Milton's capacity to guide them into an encounter with nature both allows them to find a deeper purpose and unleashes the creativity needed to live that purpose"  -  Peter Senge




The book Presence by Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski and Betty-Sue Flowers beautifully describes a Sacred Passage (10 day Journey) with John Milton in Baja California. His work has been visualized through this book, especially in the chapter "Seeing with the heart". For those familiar with Theory U, the Sacred Passage provides the opportunity to experience the bottom of a deep U journey. 




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